Fine Fescue

Establishment: 10 to 21 days
Excellent for shade or low maintenance. Endophyte-enhanced for insect and disease resistance and stress tolerance.

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SR 5130 Chewings - Excellent turf quality. High summer stress tolerance. Dark green color. Height of cut from fairway to no mow. High density. Superior wear tolerance.

Ruddy Strong Creeping - NEW! Superior turf quality from high to low maintenance. High salt and recycled water tolerance. Very dark green. High density. Excellent wear tolerance.

SR 5250 Strong Creeping - High turf quality under all maintenance levels. Superior heat tolerance. Full sun or shade. High wear tolerance and recovery. Tolerates all cutting heights.

SR 3150 Hard - Dark green. Ultra fine texture. Dense, dwarf growth habit. Good for fairways to low maintenance. Improved Summer Patch resistance. Drought tolerant.

Shoreline Slender Creeping - Excellent salt tolerance. Superior heat and shade tolerance. Greens height to no mow. Very fine textured. Cool temperature growth. Wear tolerant.

Silhouette Chewings - High turf quality, with good tolerance of summer stress and drought. Very dark green color with high turf density. Does well under different mowing heights from natural non-mowed areas to repairs on bentgrass putting greens.

Samanta Slender Creeping - Excellent salt tolerance. High disease resistance to Rapid Blight and Red Thread. Very fine textured. Good shade tolerance.

Quatro Sheeps - Extremely fine blades. Distinct dark, green color. Shade tolerant. Fast establishment, but slow growth. Excellent wear tolerance.

EmergenCC Chewings Fescue and Creeping Bentgrass (Mixture) - A mixture of Chewings fescue and 007 creeping bentgrass designed to repair creeping bentgrass fairways, tees and greens.

Tradition (Mixture) - A blend of improved hard, chewings, blue and strong creeping red fescues, specially blended for optimum performance under high turfgrass management, or planted as a cover for naturalizing low maintenance or native settings.