Establishment: 21 to 30 days
Excellent choice for wear tolerant turf, able to take low quality water and still produce high quality sports, golf and landscape turf. Drought, salt and stress tolerant grasses that do well with reduced inputs once established.

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Yukon - Most cold tolerant and Spring Dead Spot resistant bermuda. Short internodes for high density. Early spring green-up. Drought tolerant. 25% less water.

Royal Bengal - Unique genetics for superior high humidity and acid soil tolerance. High heat, drought, and salt tolerance. Fast establishment. High turf quality and density.

Royal TXD (Blend) - Blend of Yukon with Royal Bengal and other improved turf-type bermudagrass varieties. Fast divot and wear repair. Excellent seedling vigor for fast establishment. Fine textured and dark green.

LaPrima (Blend) - LaPrima bermudagrass blend is a superior product, with a competitive cost. The high performance varieties in LaPrima were chosen for their individual benefits and characteristics.