Establishment: 8 to 10 days
Use alone or with ryegrass, tall fescue, or fine fescues for high quality and sod strength. Ideal for fairways, roughs, sports fields, and home lawns.

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Arcadia - Midnight type aggressive. Low mow tolerance. Excellent seedling salt tolerance. High sod strength. High wear tolerance. Dark green. Summer Patch resistance.

Blue Ghost - Secunda type hybrid. Excellent turf quality. Early spring green-up. Excellent resistance to Stripe Rust, Dollar Sport, and Summer Patch.

Fielder - Shamrock type. Rapid establishment. Excellent traffic tolerance. High year-round density. Early spring green-up. High summer performance. Low maintenance.

Granite - Midnight type. Dark green. High density. Fine leaves. Great winter color. High Summer Patch resistance. Low mow tolerant. High sod strength.

SR 2100 - Shamrock type. Big seed for better seedling emergence and establishment. Aggressive growth. Excellent sod strength. Wear tolerant. Summer Patch resistant.

SR 2150 - America type. Big seed for rapid germination and early rhizomes. Excellent wear tolerance. High resistance to Summer Patch, Dollar Spot and Typhula Blight.

SR 2284 - A-LIST! America type. Drought and heat tolerant. Very fine leaf texture and high density. Early spring green-up. Shade tolerant. Rust and Necrotic Ring Spot resistance.

Martha - A-LIST! Drought tolerant, superior Summer Patch and Stem Rust Resistance, superior turf quality - all regions, transition zone performance.

Mercury A-LIST! America type. Large seed for fast germination and establishment. Drought tolerant. Superior shear strength. Wear tolerant. Rust and Leaf Spot resistant.

Spitfire - TX hybrid type. High drought resistance. Extensive rhizomes. Fast establishment. High turf quality. Very dark green color. Blends well with tall fescue.

Bandera - TX hybrid type. Extensive rhizomes. High drought tolerance and recovery. Excellent heat and salt tolerance. High turf quality. Blends well with tall fescue.

World Cup (Blend) - A select blend of three to five of the top performing Seed Research bluegrass varieties, designed to maximize turfgrass performance and aesthetics.