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Dominant Plus Creeping - A reliable blend of beauty, functionality and durability for greens, tees and fairways. Broad genetic diversity, superior adaptability and proven performance.

Dominant X-Treme 7 Creeping - This blend of three superior cultivars, 007, SR 1150 and MacKenzie was designed for superior performance in all areas where creeping bentgrass can be used for greens or fairways.

Dominator Creeping - A greens quality blend of two top performing creeping bentgrass varieties, 007 and Tyee, selected for superior green and tee quality.

EmergenCC Creeping Bentgrass and Chewings Fescue - A mixture of Chewings fescue and a strong performance creeping bentgrass designed to repair creeping bentgrass fairways, tees and greens.

Champion GQ - Superior seed quality, with a “Poa free” tag based on extended seed testing so you are not planting your problems. The cultivars used exhibit rapid establishment, stress and disease tolerance, cool weather active growth, wear tolerance and recovery.

Champion EZEE - Perennial ryegrass and transitional ryegrass blend, formulated especially for southern overseeding and sports field repairs.

Champion Blue - In recent years, the idea of mixing Kentucky bluegrass with perennial ryegrass has gained in popularity. The advantages include: increased winter hardiness, improved wear tolerance, better disease suppression and lower maintenance costs.

Champion Fine - Top ranked varieties, proven endophytes and an affordable price make  this blend a perfect fit in permanent or winter overseed landscapes, sports fields, fairways and tees.

Crusader - a combination of elite perennial ryegrass and fine fescue varieties that excel under a variety of applications. Quick to establish and performs well in full sun to moderate shade and exhibits an exceptional turf quality.

Magnum - a blend composed of exceptional varieties of perennial ryegrass adapted for your specific region. Fast Germination, High Gray Leaf Spot resistance, and Fine Leaf Texture with dark green color.

Tall Fescue:
Defiance! XRE - The ideal choice for commercial landscape, sports fields, parks, golf roughs or residential lawns. Defiance! XRE with rhizomes is the key to a robust, beautiful turf.

Trophy XRE - A dark green blend of rhizomatous turf type tall fescues. The combined genetics of several individual varieties result in excellent disease resistance and stress tolerance.

Trophy Blue - A turf type tall fescue and bluegrass mixture developed for high quality turf with high levels of rhizome expression from both the tall fescue and bluegrass in dense turf situations.

Trophy EZEE - A mixture of our world renowned Trophy tall fescue blend together with the quick-start benefits of TransEZE or TransCend transitional ryegrass.

World Cup - A select blend of three to five of the top performing Seed Research bluegrass varieties, designed to maximize turfgrass performance and aesthetics.

World Cup Rye - 20% high performance Perennial Ryegrass added to the World Cup blend of top performing Seed Research bluegrass varieties. Fast repair and wear recovery for sports fields, parks, schools, and golf course tees and fairways.

Fine Fescue:
EmergenCC Chewings Fescue and Creeping Bentgrass - A mixture of Chewings fescue and 007 creeping bentgrass designed to repair creeping bentgrass fairways, tees and greens.

Tradition - A blend of improved hard, chewings, blue and strong creeping red fescues, specially blended for optimum performance under high turfgrass management, or planted as a cover for naturalizing low maintenance or native settings.

Royal TXD - Blend of Yukon with Royal Bengal and other improved turf-type bermudagrass varieties. Fast divot and wear repair. Excellent seedling vigor for fast establishment. Fine textured and dark green.

LaPrima - LaPrima bermudagrass blend is a superior product, with a competitive cost. The high performance varieties in LaPrima were chosen for their individual benefits and characteristics.

Specialty Seed:
Maximum Poa trivialis - A blend consisting of high performing Poa trivialis varieties that have been scientifically formulated to deliver the best southern overseeding results on golf course greens, tees and fairways as well as other turf sites in North America.