Golf Testimonials

“I got the Desert Mountain in 1996, over 20 years ago, and we had Dominant on the greens. One of the things we kept talking about was how to grow better bentgrass in my climate. Working with you (Seed Research of Oregon) we found out we wanted to grow better bent in colder temperatures and you kept working every year. Everytime we kept resurfacing and building a golf course we evolved. Today we are using 007 and we're building more golf courses so I think we have had a 20 year good run.”

"I think the one thing you gotta do in this industry is you gotta find good partners and you gotta stay together and try to get better. The thing I would tell you about Seed Research is that you guys listen and you really work hard on how to get better. You guys are never standing still and that I really appreciate. We're happy today, but we want to be happy tomorrow.'

Shawn Emerson
Golf Course Superintendent/Director of Agronomy
Desert Mountain

"We did a large, massive renovation of our golf course and somehow I was smart enough to choose Seed Research's 007 seed as my variety for my greens and fairways. Those of you who don't know, or most of you who do know, growing bentgrass in the D.C. region is probably the most difficult in the country. I can tell you it is not because of my agronomic prowess that we've got something great going on here, it's certainly cause of 007."

“If you take anything away from GIS is 007.”

Thomas Lipscomb
Golf Course Superintendent
River Bend Golf and Country Club

“Overall I am exceedingly pleased. My decision was influenced by nothing but the results, shown me by Dr. James Murphy at Rutgers. I saw stronger characteristics in Tyee, including superior plant vitality during the most stressful season, and less thatching, the major factor allowing for closer cutting heights and increased green speed – which our members regard as a key factor in quality of play.”

“I could not be happier with this decision. 007`s turf quality and performance under stress has been exceptional. First year disease resistance is consistent with trial data, resulting in a superior playing surface throughout the summer season. Confirming my choices of Tyee and 007 was the unrivalled reputation Seed Research has for generating ideas with their customers for new grasses of the highest quality. I was happy to assist by sharing my observations on the exceptional establishment rates of Tyee and 007 here at Wilmington.”

Dan Pierson
Senior Golf Course Superintendent
Wilmington Country Club