Tall Fescue

Establishment: 7 to 14 days
Superior stress tolerant turf Southern to Northern areas. Endophyte-enhanced for insect resistance and stress tolerance.

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Trending - A very high turf quality tall fescue suited for low or high management.

Grande 3 - A-LIST! Superior for low maintenance. High density and excellent wear tolerance. Brown Patch and Crown Rust resistance. Rhizomes for recovery. High quality.

Raceway - NEW!  Dwarf, fine textured tall fescue that is extremely versatile. It was selected from progeny turf plots in Kentucky that showed high resistance to Brown patch and other diseases.

Rowdy - NEW! High rhizome number. Excellent wear tolerance and recovery. Superior turf quality. High Brown Patch resistance. High stress and low maintenance performance.

Rebounder - NEW! High density. Aggressive tillering and rhizomes. Superior wear tolerance. Excellent turf quality with early spring green-up. Stress and drought tolerant.

SR 8650 - Finest textured and very dense, but with high rate of rhizomatous plants. Very high density. Very wear tolerant. Superior stress tolerance.

Guardian 41 - Drought tolerant. Resists wilting. Stays green longer. Excellent wear resistance and recovery. Superior Brown Patch resistance. Dark green genetic color.

Speedway - Fine leaf texture. High density. Dark green color. Early rhizome expression. Superior Brown Patch resistance. Performs under reduced maintenance.

Blackwatch 2 - Very dark green color. Superior density and high tillering. Early development of rhizomes. High turf quality. Salt, drought, and heat tolerant.

Blackwatch - Low growth habit. Dwarf type. Very good heat, cold, and drought tolerance. Dense and fine textured. Dark green color. High turf quality.

Guardian 21 (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Excellent Brown Patch resistance. High wear tolerance. Dark green. Fine textured. Semi dwarf growth. High turf quality, drought and heat tolerant.

Defiance! XRE (Blend) - The ideal choice for commercial landscape, sports fields, parks, golf roughs or residential lawns. Defiance! XRE with rhizomes is the key to a robust, beautiful turf.

Trophy XRE (Blend) - A dark green blend of rhizomatous turf type tall fescues. The combined genetics of several individual varieties result in excellent disease resistance and stress tolerance.

Trophy Blue (Mixture) - A turf type tall fescue and bluegrass mixture developed for high quality turf with high levels of rhizome expression from both the tall fescue and bluegrass in dense turf situations.

Trophy EZEE (Mixture) - A mixture of our world renowned Trophy tall fescue blend together with the quick-start benefits of TransEZE or TransCend transitional ryegrass.