Perennial Ryegrass

Establishment: 6 to 10 days
Use for overseeding, permanent turf alone or with bluegrass and fescues. Endophyte-enhanced for insect resistance and stress tolerance.

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TetraDark - Large seed for quick establishment. Very dark green color all year long. Part of the 4turf™ program for tough turf.

Sideways - Spreading growth for better wear resistance. High Gray Leaf Spot and Rust Resistance. Drought tolerance and recovery. Winter-active growth. Very dark green.

SR 4650 - Highest Gray Leaf Spot resistance. Excellent wear tolerance and stolons for recovery. Fine leaf texture and high density. High salt tolerance. High endophyte.

SR 4660ST - NEW! Superior seedling and mature plant salt tolerance. Excellent wear tolerance. Superior drought tolerance. Early spring green-up. Rapid tillering. Disease resistant.

SR 4600 - Excellent wear tolerance. Spreading growth. High Gray Leaf Spot resistance. Summer stress tolerance and winter-active growth. Dark green. High endophyte.

SR 4700 - NEW! Superior turf quality and excellent resistance to Gray Leaf Spot, Red Thread, Crown Rust and Pink Snow Mold. SR 4700 is wear tolerant at all cutting heights, with rapid recovery of divots or damage from tillers and stolons. A very dark green color and tolerance of winter, drought and salt are additional characteristics of this superior cultivar.

Mighty - Excellent seedling and mature plant salt tolerance. High performance in poor soils. High tillering for wear tolerance and recovery. High disease resistance.

Zoom - Rapid establishment. Spreading type growth. High wear resistance. Superior cool temperature growth. High Gray Leaf Spot resistance. High turf quality.

Zoom 2 - Superior Gray Leaf Spot resistance. Excellent turf quality in all locations and management levels. Superior salt tolerance.

Champion GQ (Blend) - Superior seed quality, with a “Poa free” tag based on extended seed testing so you are not planting your problems. The cultivars used exhibit rapid establishment, stress and disease tolerance, cool weather active growth, wear tolerance and recovery.

Champion EZEE (Mixture) - Perennial ryegrass and transitional ryegrass blend, formulated especially for southern overseeding and sports field repairs.

Champion Blue (Mixture) - In recent years, the idea of mixing Kentucky bluegrass with perennial ryegrass has gained in popularity. The advantages include: increased winter hardiness, improved wear tolerance, better disease suppression and lower maintenance costs.

Champion Fine (Mixture) - Top ranked varieties, proven endophytes and an affordable price make  this blend a perfect fit in permanent or winter overseed landscapes, sports fields, fairways and tees.

Crusader (Mixture) - A combination of elite perennial ryegrass and fine fescue varieties that excel under a variety of applications. Quick to establish and performs well in full sun to moderate shade and exhibits an exceptional turf quality.