7 .Oct.2020

777 Bentgrass in Action! at Shady Oaks CC

“Greens are doing great. Triple Seven didn’t miss a beat through the hot spell. The project turned out amazing and we are scheduled to open October 1.” - Brent Doolittle 8/27/20

777 (Triple Seven) Renovation

Brent Doolittle, Golf Course Superintendent, Shady Oaks Country Club, began testing varieties for the full course renovation in the Spring of 2017, by establishing greens on a Par 3 course on the Dallas, TX property. Under consideration were six different creeping bentgrass varieties including 777, L93-XD, Luminary, AU Victory, and V8, planted on individual greens. For proper evaluation, all greens were maintained with the same maintenance program over the course of the last three years, in preparation for the complete course renovation slated for 2020. With years of collective data to review, 777 was selected as the best option for Shady Oaks in the Fall of 2019, and seeded on all 18 greens in the Spring of 2020. We have been thrilled to hear, and see, how 777 has been performing under the extreme heat and humid conditions that are known to occur in the Dallas area! It has been a wonderful experience working with Brent throughout this process and we are excited that the course opened to rave reviews by the membership. Brent was honored for his exemplary work with the opening tee shot on the newly finished Shady Oaks Country Club.

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