6 .Jun.2017

DLF Pickseed USA has Restructured

The DLF brand and the Pickseed brand will combine to form one brand; DLF Pickseed.

Seed Research of Oregon will remain as a separate brand. Products offered will be the same, sales representatives will remain the same, with the focus on customers and market support.

Bill Dunn will lead the new Professional Division and all sales representatives will report to him.

A more efficient experience for the customer is our focus, as each customer will have one sales representative to service its seed requirements. Where two sales people have been working on an account a change to one will occur. This process will take place over the next few weeks as the team works to ensure a smooth transition.

Your sales representative will call you in the near future to discuss this directly with you.

Should you have any questions please feel free to call Bill Dunn at 541-602-4426.

Bill Dunn
Executive Vice President

To view or print the official announcement CLICK HERE.

To view or print the official press release CLICK HERE.

The new DLF Pickseed website will be coming soon so please check back.