24 .Feb.2022

DLF's commitment to sustainability featured in Newsweek

Denmark is also at the forefront of creating agriculture’s starting block: seed, led by DLF Seeds, which specializes in grass and clover for livestock foraging and turf, as well as sugar and fodder beet, and vegetables.

-Excerpt from Newsweek Article

Owned by a cooperative of grass-seed farmers, DLF is the seventh-largest seed company in the world, says CEO Truels Damsgaard. “We’re the fastest growing firm in the sector: 20 years ago, we were a small local company and today we’re the leader in forage and turf seed in Europe, Oceania, North and South America, with 30 percent of the worldwide market.” DLF is renowned in the industry for its dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technologies that allow it to continually develop improved varieties for nutrition, resilience, performance and maintenance. About 11 percent of its over-2,000-strong workforce operating in more than 20 countries are involved in research. “New seed technologies can support farmers to become more efficient, deliver higher yields and improved quality, while at the same time becoming more climate- and environment-friendly,” explains Damsgaard.

- Newsweek, "A Taste For Organic Food and Carbon-Neutral Farming", Pg. 12-13